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What is Connected Cardiovascular Care?

Monitoring of cardiac conditions by using digital wearable devices such as smartwatches and digital blood pressure and weight scales is the future of cardiovascular care. Dallas Cardiologist, Dr. Tony Das has been leading initiatives to create national programs to incorporate remote monitoring for cardiovascular patients using devices that record vital signs, heart rhythms like atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease detecting heart blockages and congestive heart failure symptoms without being in the office or hospital. These remote physiologic monitors reduce patient hospitalizations and improve care with less office visits which is a trend in innovation in cardiovascular care being led by Dr. Das.

Nationally Recognized For

Superior Cardiovascular Care

We’re proud to be among the highest ranked medical cardiovascular providers in the DFW metropolitan area and the state. Dr. Tony Das has been voted Best Cardiologist in Dallas D Magazine’s Best Doctors list for 15 years straight and as a top doctor in Texas Monthly’s SuperDoctors list for over 10 years.

Comprehensive Management

Comprehensive cardiac and peripheral vascular disease management.

Interventional Certification

Interventional board certification for vascular and cardiac procedures. First cardiologist in Dallas to obtain specialty board certification for Peripheral Vascular Procedures by passing the Society of Vascular Medicine and Biology Endovascular Interventional Boards.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic services, including treadmill and chemical stress testing by echocardiography and nuclear imaging and vascular studies including carotid, arterial, abdominal aneurysm screening and venous insufficiency and varicose vein evaluation. Connected Cardiovascular Care Associates is currently the ONLY cardiovascular practice to offer Nuclear Stress Testing while sitting up, reducing artifacts and tolerated for anyone with claustrophobia in traditional CT or nuclear scanners.

Second Opinion

Second opinion clinic for innovative treatment options to avoid traditional surgery. Questions on how to avoid open heart and open vascular surgery with patient testimonials are are valued resource for patients seeking the latest information on minimally invasive treatment options for cardiovascular care. Dr. Das has seen thousands of patients for second opinions over his 20+ year career, often leading to much less invasive options avoiding surgery.

Digital Health

Digital Health expertise for ease of patient connection from anywhere on the globe. The use of wearable sensors which are individualized to each patient’s specific cardiovascular condition allows C3 cardiologists to follow trends in cardiac conditions between office visits frequently picking up issues before they become serious. Irregular heart rhythms such as atrial fibrillation can be detected with high specificity and sensitivity using state of the art smartwatch technology. Patients with congestive heart failure can enroll in the Halo program to watch over BP, weight and heart rhythm trends avoiding emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Preventive Cardiology

We’ll help you to create goals that fit your needs and lifestyle and improve your quality of life. C3 has close relationships with the key partners for complete cardiovascular health, including blood testing to detect cardiovascular disease early and registered dieticians and nutritionists to help create a personal meal plan for any health goals from weight loss to strength improvement and post heart attack or surgery plans.

At C3, we're committed to not only meeting but exceeding our patient's expectations.

Connected Cardiovascular Care Associates specializes in minimally invasive stent therapy for cardiac blockages, TAVR stent valve procedure avoiding surgery for aortic stenosis and many other therapies. Dr. Das has special training in peripheral arterial and venous disease therapy for patients with leg pains, swelling, venous insuffificiency, carotid artery blockage and abdominal aneurysm treatment without surgery using stents.

Victoria Skobel, RN, MS, ANP-C, AACC
Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioner

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