An overview of the ways digital health is impacting and will impact the treatment of cardiovascular conditions.


How does digital health pertain to you? Perhaps you are a physician who is overworked, feeling burnout, and dreading yet more patient information to manage. Perhaps you are an administrator trying to figure out how to incorporate digital offerings to your patient population or a patient who wants more input and control over your health care by engaging in remote physiologic monitoring to stay in touch with your doctor between office visits and to avoid the emergency department. In any case, today you cannot escape the headlines about the digital transformation in health care.

The technology may be software or hardware solutions or services such as telemedicine, text messages, wearable devices, or remote monitors and sensors with web-based analysis.It may more broadly include genomics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning analytics, and mobile applications. Digital health aims to connect physiologic parameters identified outside of the traditional hospital or clinic settings to enhance the precision and personalization of health care delivery for patients, particularly those with chronic conditions.

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